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Brooks Automation Announces the Acquisition of Tec-Sem Group AG

RS Scalable 고밀도 베어 레티클 스토커 제품군

Manufacturing and supporting innovative automation solutions for the semiconductor industry for more than 30 years. A leading provider of reticle management solutions, with a bare reticle stocker system that can store up to 2,880 reticles and provide inspection and pod transfer capabilities. green-arrow-liLearn More About Our Clean Storage Solutions


Announcing the acquisition of GENEWIZ Group

GENEWIZ headquarters

GENEWIZ, headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey, is a leading provider of gene sequencing and synthesis services for more than 4,000 institutional customers worldwide and is supported by their global network of laboratories spanning the United States, China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. green-arrow-liLearn More

CryoPod ™ 캐리어 -150 ° C

CryoPod 스테이션 (125)를 작성

CryoPod™ Filling Station    Hands-free CryoPod Recharger

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